Introducing our pre-order system

Its a frozen January morning so its seems a good time to get some admin done and introduce a new offering on our website for 2024. Following feedback from florists who are keen to sleep easy at night in their quest to use British grown blooms we now are offering the capability to reserve your collection or delivery slot for any time between May and October 2024. This means that as a florist you don't need the full details such as exact colours, stem count breakdown or flower types but you can just provide some basic information and know that you have secured your slot for flowers on the date requested. 

We know that quantities and colours change often right up until the event so we aren't setting anything in stone it just helps us with planning and means florists aren't having a last minute road trip round the south west in an attempt to source their British blooms. It's fabulous that so many florists are using more and more British flowers in their designs and we want to make that as straightforward as possible. 

Did you know that as artisan growers, last year we trialled teaming up with other local growers to be able to fulfil really big orders meaning that more and more weddings and events were using 100% locally grown flowers? It worked well and we are delighted to be able to increased confidence in security of supply for florists. 

I wont waffle any further in text, instead to listen to my waffle please watch the video below which shows you a step by step breakdown of the pre-order system. 

Happy January everybody. Hope your fingers and toes are staying warm!